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Genetic Counselor

5+ Years, Hyderabad

Duties & Responsibilities :

  • Managing patients through face-to-face interactions
  • Taking and interpreting family and medical histories to calculate the risk of condition occurrence or recurrence.
  • Assessing the genetic tests that would be most appropriate for each patient
    Interpreting genetic tests and explaining them in comprehendible language to the patients
  • Educating patients about the inheritance patterns, testing, management, prevention, resources and research
  • Dealing with ethical and psychological issues raised by the patients and their families
  • Maintaining patient records
  • Working with other medical and healthcare staff to ensure appropriate follow-up of patients
  • Inspecting genetic data to ascertain patients’ existing and predictable diagnoses
    Sharing and contextualizing test outcomes
  • Communicating with contracted physicians to devise useful interventions
  • Ability to handle workload depending on no of patients per day, each consultation lasting for 45-60 minutes
  • Responsible for both pre-test and post-test counseling

Qualifications and Skills :

  • Degree in genetic counseling or genetics/ biological sciences and psychology from an accredited university
  • At least 5 years of experience
  • Good verbal and written communication skills to empathize and communicate with patients effectively

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